Friday, October 3, 2008

So sick of being tired...

or just tired of being sick? Maybe a bit of both, whichever it happens to be it has kept me from work for the last two days {which I am not exactly upset about}. Yesterday I didn't get much done {other than sleep of course} but today - whew! I started feeling a little better around noon time and decided that I was going to polish the new wood night stand my brother and sister-in-law gave Benson and I for our birthdays. Well, it just looked so nice after it was done I decided to do the other night stand, and the dresser, and the kitchen table, then the coffee table, and the two end tables and then I couldn't leave out the buffet either.
But then once the wood was polished I didn't want to stop - 5 hours later we have 4 clean loads of laundry, most of our dishes put in cabinets {yes, we're still un-packing}, an organized closet, two incredibly clean bathrooms, empty trash cans, a shiny clean kitchen floor and a bag of clothes for DI. There is now a pumpkin pie in the oven.
{yes, I went a bit overboard}
When Benson left this morning he said "Promise me you will sleep today and do nothing else so you get better."
Personally, I think I need to take more sick days.

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