Monday, December 8, 2008

"Famous" Quotes

Benson and I don't get out much... so when new people came to our house on Friday we were excited that we had a chance to pretend to really be funny.

We are definitely not the funniest people alive but we do have some conversations that we think really funny.

On our honeymoon riding the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island:
Benson: Look at that mountain with all the snow! it's huge!
Sarah: Yeah, it's cool - what mountain do you think it is
Benson: umm... Mount Vesuvius?
Sarah: I'll mount your vesuvius
Benson: ...
Sarah: I did not mean it like that!!


Laying in the lawn of the Parliament building Victoria, BC:

Sarah: {Using backpack full of sweaters as a pillow} Do you want me to share the pillow with you?
Benson: If you love me and your willing!


Driving home from work last Friday waiting to get off the freeway on Val Vista:

Sarah: The same bum is here every day
Benson: The Vietnam war vet? Yeah... me and Hunter were talking about him earlier. I've always wondered where bums get the markers to make their signs. We own a house and we don't even have markers.
Sarah: Well, if you think about it a marker would be a great investment if you were a bum...
Benson: Yeah I guess it would
Sarah: It's like that saying, if you give a bum a fish he'll eat for a day, but if you give a bum a marker... he'll eat for a lifetime!

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Rani said...

hahahahaha! You funny people!