Thursday, September 3, 2009

love weddings

I was able to take some bridals for a high school friend's wedding last weekend - I've only edited about 10 minutes into the shoot and I already have multiple "favorites" - I really should get more edited before I put up a "sneak peek" but I just can't wait!




isn't our temple pretty?

Look out for more of these two on the photoblog - there's lots more good ones!

Mesa Arizona Wedding Photographer

2 witty remarks:

The Danielson said...

You take such GREAT pictures!

The Lanier Family said...

These are beautiful! Could we do the pics Sat morning....I'd love to do them friday night, but Paul wanted to go to the homecoming football game, since we will be going to the reunion party on Saturday. Would that work? What colors do you like for your kitchen? What colors do you like for Christmas? This will help me figure out what to do!