Saturday, January 16, 2010

then what is it?

Have you ever been to Hobby Lobby?
If you just answered no, step away from the computer and go right now.
It's amazing. They have everything you could ever imagine. Benson calls it the Home Depot for women. Heck, he even enjoys going there now and again.

Well, Hobby Lobby can be expensive, but lucky for cheap people like me they have 50% off sales every week. So the trick is if you want something that's not on sale, wait till next week and it will be.
Well the day after Christmas I was shopping with Benson's mom and sisters and of course we had to stop at Hobby Lobby.
Well Hobby Lobby has an entire section of birdhouses. We're talking a whole shelf top to bottom, side to side, full of birdhouses.
I found one that I really liked and lucky for me it was 50% off that day - Benson's sister also volunteered to buy it for me (since I had promised myself I wouldn't buy anything that day and was going to pass it up).
We picked out another birdhouse for his other sister, finished our shopping and headed up to the register. The nice woman at the register starting ringing us up but stopped when she got to my birdhouse...
"This isn't considered a birdhouse" she said, "it's part of our painted wood line..."

"Oh..." I said disappointedly.
But Brittany didn't give up so easily. "Are you sure? It was with all of the other birdhouses..."
"Well, I'll check with my manager"
She proceeded to check us out while we waited for the manager to arrive.

"Is this a birdhouse?" she asked him when he got there,
"Oh no, definitely not. If it was a birdhouse it would say it on the tag"
"Well, this one is definitely a birdhouse and it doesn't say birdhouse on the tag... and they said it is on the aisle with all the other birdhouses."
"Oh, no, it says it on the BACK of the tag..." he grabs the real birdhouse from her and turns the tag over. He then turns red realizing no where does it say birdhouse.
"Well it's still not a birdhouse!" You can tell he's getting irritated now...
I can't help it anymore, I blurt out "Well then what is it then if it's not a birdhouse?" partially sarcastic and partially serious because I really want to know what exactly he thinks it is if it's not a birdhouse... "a squirrel house?"

Then Brittany chimes in "What squirrel houses aren't on sale this week?"
Then Tara "Oh come on it will just be 50% off next week anyway..."

By now he's red and obviously not having it anymore
"Fine! You can give it to them for 50% off," he tells the cashier "but it's not returnable!"
Now satisfied, we let the poor man alone and discussed on the way back to the car how miserable it must be for a man to work as a manager at a craft store that mostly women looking for a sale shop at.

I love my new squirrel house, however, I am still unsatisfied.
I really want to know what else this is if it's not a birdhouse...
Maybe you can tell me what it is.


3 witty remarks:

Bev said...

It's a bird mansion! And a darling one at that! You go girl....Hobby Lobby is a great place, but they're famous for that kind of stuff. Glad you won that fight!!

Angie Milne said...

oh my gosh. i get mad reading that because of all the experiences i've had at the hobblobb register. it truly is a love/hate relationship with me and that place. so glad you guys stuck with it! seriously, if that's not a birdhouse, i don't know what is..

rbeasley said...

It's a house for Da Hootie! Don't you know who Da Hootie is? He's that little man who lives in you refrigerator that turns out the light when you shut the door. He'd probably appreciate a new home.