Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have a confession.
I hate blogging.

It's true.

I'm not sure why I continue to do it.
I tell myself that one day when I have a more exciting job and a family I probably won't blog anymore...but that's not true, because I probably will.

I hate seeing my blog and it's 4 day old post and feeling like I have an obligation to update it - because really? I don't. No one REALLY cares if you don't update your blog ALL.THE.TIME.

Don't get me wrong, I too am guilty of thinking "why haven't they posted anything in like TWO days!" about my favorite bloggers... but really - wouldn't you rather they were out living their lives that are so wonderful to read about?

I sure do - because after the disappointment of not having something new to read wears off I am happy for them that they are having so much fun with their families and lives that they don't have the time to tell us all about it.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today and just because I feel like being extra contradictory - I will introduce you to the new blog I created...

World: Meet my family cooking blog

Garner Recipes

Cooking blog: Meet the world

As much as I hate blogging - I LOVE cooking and so does my family - we all have so many good recipes and are constantly calling each other for them so I figured what better way to keep them organized that is accessible to all? Eventually we'll turn it into an actual print book :)

3 witty remarks:

♥Tami said...

I love that you guys are doing a recipe blog! I love those! They are real recipes, that people you trust love and want to share!

And I feel the same way about blogging sometimes!

Rani said...

so happy about the recipe blog!!! can't wait to check it out!

Benson & Sarah Garner said...

Good! That's exciting! I am glad we'll have some readers :)