Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Improve the shining moments

As I read CJane this morning this thought of hers stood out to me,

"Improve the Shining Moments. Interesting.
Because usually I feel admonished to improve the crappy moments. Or the hopeless, lonely moments. But what if I let those go, and I actually took time to improve the good in my life? Take the best of what I experience and enhance it with even better results."

What a concept. Seeking out all of the good in our lives and putting our time and energy into making the good better.

How much happier would our lives be if, instead of focusing on the bad or undesireable moments we are faced with - we simply sought out to make the wonderful moments even better. I think life would take an un-expected turn for the better. We'd be happier, more grateful, and I am sure, more willing to serve and help others.

Improve the shining moments.

This is my new mantra.

CJane has been on the money inspiring me lately. She posted a recipe for home made oreos yesterday which I promptly made. You should try them.

3 witty remarks:

Jenny Johnson said...

That is so interesting to think about. Thanks for posting that.

Angie Milne said...

love that cjane. thanks for sharing :) you're just as inspiring my friend!

Rani said...

Love this post! Love. It. Thanks for the insight!