Friday, April 9, 2010

High School Musical

I love musicals. Like really love them.
Before the days of High School Musical, some of my friends and I (in highschool) always talked about writing and coreographing a song and then, one day in the middle time between classes just bust out and preform it brodway style in the hallways just like in a musical.

Sadly, that dream of ours never came true, but the desire to be a part of something so awesome and ridiculous has never ceased.

You can imagine my delight when we stumbled across these videos last weekend.

My new dream? To be present when this "Improv Anywhere" group does their next song.

On a side note - I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We'll be off white water rafting and visiting the nieces and nephew up in Lakeside! :)

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Angie Milne said...

hahahahahahahaahahaahahahahahahhahaah a oh my gosh. wow. wow. WOW. i'm dying right now. i have no more words.