Friday, July 16, 2010


Before I started my current job I taught Pre-School for two years. It is my very favorite job I have had to date.

Although it was fun, it was still work, and I always looked forward to weekends when I could sleep in.

Every morning, after breakfast, we would come together as a class, assign jobs for the day (line leaders, door holder, fish feeder, etc.) and sing songs.

Friday's we would sing a song that went like this:

It's Friday, it's Friday, boo hoo it's Friday.
No school Saturday, no school Sunday, come back Monday!

Every time we sang this song I would sing my own secret version in my head:
It's Friday! It's Friday! Woo Hoo it's Friday!!
No work Saturday! No work Sunday! Don't come back 'till Monday!

To this very day, whenever it's Friday, I can't help but sing this song in my head out of excitement.
Happy Friday Everyone!!

2 witty remarks:

Spring said...

Cute. I taught preschool several years as well. I really liked it too. The hours working at preschool went by much faster than my phone jobs.

Bev said...

Now, that's cute!! I love your secret version!