Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Food for Thought December 15 – December 24, 2010

**Denotes items to stock up on, the price is a good as it gets!
*Good Price

Large end Rib Roast $3.77/lb. & free 5 lb. bag potaoes Hormel Spiral Ham $1.17/lb.
Lays potatoe chips & Nabisco crackers $1.77
*Dreyers Ice cream & Simply Orange Juice $1.99
Sara Lee bread, rolls, buns, muffins, etc. $1.88
*PictSweet frozen vegetables $.77
*Canned broth 3/$1.00
Challenge Butter $1.99/lb
*Dole Pineapple, Mandarin oranges, Nestle cocoa mix, Cool whip, olives, Albertson’s gravy $1.00 each
*Chex cereal 3/$5.00 (must buy 3)
Nestle chocolate chips 2/$4.00
Albertson’s cream soups 2/$4.00
Crisco Oil 2/$4.00
*Fresh Green Beans $.99/lb.

5 lb. potatoes $.99
Fresh green beans $.79/lb.
Eagle Brand Milk, Karo Syrup $1.99
Tropicana & Dole Juice, Egg Nog $1.99
Nature’s Own buns, bread, Food Club cheese $1.25
Gold Medal & Blue Bird Flour, Sugar $1.49
Flav R Pac frozen vegetables $.77
Brawny Paper towells, foam bowls, plates, foil $.69
Standing Rib Roast $3.77/lb.
Cooks Ham $.97/lb.
Dole pineapple and fruit $1.00
Celery $.89
Green Bell Peppers 2/$1.00
Planters Peanuts & Challenge Butter $1.99
Dreyers Ice Cream $1.99
Lays Potatoe chips $1.79
Idahoan potatoes, food club fruit, Libbeys veg. $.49

**Cooks Spiral Ham $1.07/lb.
New York holiday roast $3.77/lb.
Whole standing rib roast $4.77/lb.
**Birds Eye frozen vegetables $.77
*Dreyers and Kroger deluxe Ice cream $1.99
Lays potatoe chips $1.77
**Kroger Butter 3 lbs/5.00
Nabisco Crackers $1.88
*Fresh whole pineapple $2.00
Clementine Tangerine Cuties 5 lb/$2.99
Cheese 50% off?
*Dozen Eggs $.98
*Tyson Bacon $1.98
*Minute Maid Orange Juice $1.88
Fry’s sandwich bread $.88
Donuts $2.88/doz.
Shelled almonds or walnuts 12oz./$2.99
Nestle chocolate chips $1.98
**Frys 48 oz. oil and pie filling $1.88
*Duncan Hines Cake Mix $.88
Libbeys canned vegetables 20/$10.00
*Rice a Roni or Pasta Roni $.88
**Idahoan pouch potatoes $.88 (72 hr. kit)
Cheerios, Life , Trix, Cap Crunch $1.88
*Kroger Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese, Dip $1.00
Frigo Ricotta Cheese 2/$7.00
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice $1.98
**Cool Whip, Cream Cheese $.88
Pepperidge Farm Stuffing 2/$3.00
Aunt Hatties’s Rolls 2/$4.00
*Celery $.89 each

*10-lb. Bag Safeway Russet Potatoes $.99
Broccoli Crowns or Cauliflower 68¢ lb
Cocoa Puffs, Trix., Cinnamon Toast Crunch, $1.49/buy 4
Lucky Charms., Cheerios., Golden Grahams, Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats., Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 4.5 to 9-oz. Selected varieties. $1.99 (buy 4)
Navel Oranges $.37/lb.
**Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.49
**Safeway quick oats $.99
Safeway Smoked Whole or Shank Half Ham $.99/lb.
*Dairy Glen Milk $1.59
*Fresh 80% Lean Ground Beef $1.49/lb.
Farmer John Sausage Links 4/$5.00
Dole Canned Pineapple 10/$10.00
Green Giant Canned Vegetables $.49
Martinelli's Sparkling Cider 2/$4.00
*Nestlé Baking Morsels $1.89
Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail Drink $1.99

Fresh and Easy
Half Ham $.77/lb.
*Pecan Pie $2.99
Cranberry Juice 2/$4.00
Carrots 2lbs./$.98
10 Lb. Potatoes $1.99
Pork Roast $.99 lb.
Prepared Masa $3.69/5lbs.
Corn Husk $1.99
Fresh whole pineapple $2.00
Imperial 3/$1.98
Mrs. Cubbison stuffing 2/$3.00
*Raspberry, Blackberry or Strawberry Preserves $.99

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