Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Food For Thought 01/05 - 01/11

*Decent price
**As good as it gets!
***Buy this for your 72 hr. kits (if you like it!)
Wal Mart will add match anything if you don’t want to go to several stores, but want to get the deals.

1/2 gallon Milk or dozen Large Eggs $1.00
Fresh Express Salad $1.00
*Albertson’s Salad Dressing $1.00
Colgate Tooth paste $1.00
Kool-Aid Bursts $1.00
*3lbs. Navel Oranges $1.00
***Progresso Soup $1.00
*Pork Loin Chops $.97/lb.
Hawaii’s Own & Old Orchard frozen juice $1.00
***Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix $.99
Cheerios,Kix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, $1.49
*Hunts snack pack pudding, Ketchup, Spaghetti Sauce, gallon water $1.00
Bakery Bread $1.00

**Cheerios original 8.9 oz or Honey Nut 12.25 oz $.99
(Lim 2 Wednesday only)
*Hot, lean, or croissant pockets $.99 (Mon. only)
*Whole Chicken $.67/lb.
*Milk $1.67
*Yoplait Yogurt 10/$4.00
*Dole Salad $.77
*Boneless Round Steak (bottle it or have it ground for hamburger) $1.67/lb.
***Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Fiber One, Clif bars $1.99
Del Monte Vegetable 2/$1.00
Farmland Bacon $1.99
*24 Water $2.99
Farmer John Sausage rolls 4/$5.00
***Campbell’s Chicken Noodle & tomato soups 2/$1.00
S&W beans 2/$1.00
**Purex Detergent $1.99
**Kleenex 5/$5.00

Fresh and Easy
(If you use your coupon it is like getting 10% off)
Almonds $4.99/lb.
*Yoplait Yogurt 10/$4.00
Frozen Vegetables 2/$2.00
Gain Detergent $15.99 120 loads
Dawn $2.69/24 oz.

Buns 10/$10.00
Yoplait Yogurt $.44
Cream Soups 10/$10.
Dole Salads $1.99
***Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1.99
Hunts Spaghetti Sauce and Barilla Pasta $1.00
Kroger Frozen Vegetable $.97
**Soft Soap $.88
Buy 4 mix and match and save $4.00
Charmin – 12 double rolls/$5.99
*Tide 100-146 oz. $9.99
**Dawn Dish Soap $1.49
**Herbal Essence Shampoo $1.99
Crest toothpaste and Oral B toothbrushes $1.50

All Coupons worth $1.00
***Progresso Soup $.99
*Betty Crocker fruit snacks and gushers $.99


If you do not have 72 hour kits it is time to start them! Get a grocery bag and find a spot to keep it and start today! You can keep improving as you go along, but the important thing is to have a plan. From experience I can tell you not to leave your kit in the garage or the trunk of your car. Do not include things that get stale, hard, or are prone to weevils (such as ramen). The fruit snacks that last for a year and can still be chewed are Sunkist. Granola bars are pretty bad after a year and so are pop tarts. Raisins and other dry fruits are still edible if you like them. Flip top cans are a good idea. Sterno evaporates, so if you are including it, keep it separate from your kit. I use Ziploc bags for hygiene and first aid items. Bags are a good idea to include along with the things on the list.

At the beginning of each year, I re-make my 72 hr. emergency kits and rotate last years food into my storage. Most of these food items will be on sale some time this month or early in February. I include the following items in our kits:

Food for three days – peanut butter, chili, soups, tuna, mashed potato pouches, cocoa mix, canned fruit, drink pouches, crackers, oatmeal packets. water – (if including fruit snacks or granola bars – rotate oftener than once a year!)

Back Pack - pocket knife, utensils, pan, can opener, flashlight, solar blanket, mirror, sewing kit, small scriptures, pencil & paper, Emergency Cash

Personal hygiene - wet wipes, roll of toilet paper, q-tips, chapstick, travel toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, nail clippers, matches, feminine products, diapers, etc.
First aid kit - bandaids, sample size ointments, cough drops, hard candy, iibuprofen, allergy relief, regular prescriptions (rotate)

Change of Clothes – short and long sleeve shirt.

Important documents - copy on flash drive - birth certificate, drivers license, mortgage info, insurance, pictures, family records

**Individualize your kits to meet the needs of your family!
*** Store what you eat and eat what you store!***

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