Wednesday, March 19, 2008

busy busy busy

Here we are! I figured I would get a head start on our blog while I am avoiding homework have time.
Like it says ↑ we have been busy people
Benson just started his new job managing the back office for his dad's financial planning business and he is a full time student at ASU and has way more homework than should be legal.
I am working at Insight and taking almost a full schedule of classes at MCC - but I got lucky and just have to write a really long research paper which I can usually work on while I am at my lovely job. I am just getting over being sick (fever for 4 days - bleh) and Benson is just picking it up
Oh yes, we are also planning our wedding that is coming up on July 17th (Mark your calendars) which, in case you have not done this before, can be very time consuming and overwhelming.
Thank goodness I have a family-in-law to be that is huge and does weddings a lot and can help me with it all!