Tuesday, November 3, 2009

...and then life happened

I always have all sorts of ambitious plans for my weekends, and then they come and go and only a fraction of what I've planned gets completed. But that's okay - at least some of it gets done.

This weekend was a busy one. We had lots to do to clean up our house since our kitchen is DONE!! (okay except for the cabinet doors - but who needs those) That's right folks, we officially have a kitchen back!! (I'll put pictures up soon)

Then there were two birthday get togethers Friday night and of course HALLOWEEN Saturday!

Sunday we had the blessings of these two adorable little ladies, and another birthday party!


Thank goodness I had Monday off or I would have gone crazy trying to get ready for my class that started last night. It will be M-Th. for the next 5 weeks. from 5-10pm
meaning I'll be gone from 7am - 10:30pm every day. FUN! Okay, not really, but looking at the bright side: it's only 5 weeks.