Friday, July 17, 2009

1 year ago today


4th of July

We were in Mexico during the 4th of July weekend but we had a fun time anyway!
We got a HUGE Pinata and filled it with a ton of candy, had burgers, hot dogs and rootbeer floats, played games and did "fireworks"
aka sparklers





Oh Mexico...

All I know is that 1 week is not enough!
We took a ride to the market in Hermosillo one day
it was HOT!

Getting a pinata for our 4th of July celebration!

I could definitely get used to this every night!
One of the best parts - Hanging out in the condo at night playing scum, signs, apples to apples and the new favorite
{if only I got pictures of that!}

The trip was amazing and so much fun!

We couldn't get enough of the beach, snorkeling or tortillas!

We took underwater cameras this year so I'll have to post some of those pictures once we develop them!


Before we could make the trek to Mexico in July we had to take care of one minor detail...
Benson's whole family has theirs since they have been going for years - just in case. I, however, did not have one. We didn't find out that they now were needed to cross the border until a few weeks before we left. So we decided to take a trip to LA to the regional passport office to get it the same day rather than risking it not coming on time.
Danny, a friend coming with us to Mexico, didn't have one either so we made a trip out of it.
We made our first stop in San Diego so we could go here...
and eat breakfast
{if you ever go to PB you must eat here -it's amazing}
we walked on the beach and found some giant seaweed
Then headed over to Balboa park to look at the art museums and so I could take some of these...

to be continued...