Friday, July 17, 2009

1 year ago today


2 witty remarks:

Stu and Angie Milne said...

congrats! i didn't know you've only been married a year! just a little further along than us :)

umm i'm not sure exactly which camera i'm looking for. I really would like a canon down the road (so i'm thinking of starting with the rebel, start out with something easy?) only thing is cameras are so pricey.. so we're waiting a bit so i can really decide if i want to make that price commitment, ya know? I'll probably just keep practicing with my little point-and-shoot for a little bit...

SO did you take pictures of tricia and eric?? she was my roommate for a little while when they were just dating! how funny. the pictures look great! are you doing photography as a job or hobby?

Stu and Angie Milne said...

holy cow that was long, sorry sorry sorry!