Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't tell him I told you but...

Today is Benson's Birthday
{he hates having attention being drawn to him}

10 things that are Completely Awesome about Benson:

1. He is really handsome {when he wants to be}

2. He can always make me smile

3. He plays the guitar. He also plays the piano...better than me {me? 6 years of lessons... him? NONE - he's just that good}

4. He has a hilarious sense of humor

5. He speaks Spanish

6. He can grow a mean beard {see picture 3...and picture 6}

7. He is one of the most thoughtful people I know

8. He is extremely patriotic

9. He can make anything fun

10. He is incredibly intelligent

Seriously, I could go on and on {and on} but you all don't want to be here forever
Please tell him
Happy Birthday

Friday, September 12, 2008

sneaky sneaky

Tuesday was my birthday. Benson decided on Monday night that he should
throw me a surprise party.
So, while he sat in the Library waiting for me to get out of class he called everyone we know and threw it all together.
My mom, friend Ashley and her mom took me to dinner that night {Oregano's - YUM!} then we headed back to my house so they could see all the new things I put up.
I am carrying 4 boxes of left over food and a gift bag, so I ring the doorbell.....and almost dropped everything - the house was pitch black and all I heard was million people {okay, maybe 30} all screaming "Surprise!!"

Benson was successful in throwing me a surprise party that was actually a surprise.

All of our friends and family were there and we had a ton of fun.
We just moved into our first house and are still decorating so everyone got me Halloween Decorations and it turned into a Halloween theme party
{I don't care that it's a month early - I love Halloween and so does Benson's mom- see cake below}

The Garner Birthday tradition: German chocolate cake

Benson's mom made me 2 {two!!} cakes

I was still surprised 15 minutes later

They even got matching candles

P.S. If anyone has a craving for chocolate cake - COME OVER... we have 2.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

oh, by the way

If any of you happen to see Benson sometime soon, you need to give him a big
on passing his health and life insurance license exam on his first try!!
{because he's a genius}
Seriously guys, this test was a hard one and he did great.

California Sun

So, here's the story... growing up I went to Disneyland a lot. Yes, I was spoiled in that respect.{we had a family friend who conducted computer seminars there and would so graciously let us crash in his Disneyland Hotel suite along with 4 other families}
So needless to say, Disneyland has a special little place in my heart - yes, I know I am like a little kid, I love the place okay?!
Benson, does not exactly feel the same way about Disneyland. While I have been at least 8 times{yes eight times} in my life, Benson has been 3 - once when he was young with his grandparents and twice with choir in high school.
Ever since I found this out I have been determined to change his mind - at least from hatred to tolerance.
Well we were lucky enough to get Disneyland tickets and some gas gift cards as a gift from my "boss" at work, so we decided we would plan a trip. I continued to save money I earned from different contests at work and soon enough we had enough to pay for the trip.
{yes, we are that awesome}
The trip was great and Benson actually enjoyed it.
I showed him the way cool people do Disneyland and he treated me to a lunch at the Blue Bayou Cafe {the one inside Pirate's and probably the only thing I have never done at Disneyland}

California Adventures

Seriously, the least blurry picture I have with us in it {inside the Tower of Terror}

Our favorite ride - we went on it 7 times in 2 days

Mater was the best part we saw of the parade

Maybe now it will be a little easier to convince him to go next time :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the great outdoors

Camping this weekend was great. It was my first camping trip in probably over 10 years {and by camping I mean real camping - not girls camp or cabin camping}
The weather was beautiful - even when it rained all Saturday night.
We went with Benson's brother Nate and his family - watching their kids find all sorts of frogs and bugs was half the fun.
If you have never been to Mt. Lemmon in Tucson - you should go.
We will be again soon!
Benson & Nate chopped this firewood for us...shirtless.
They are so manly.

yes, green things can grow in arizona!

this little guy hung out on our tent while it was raining

Benson's camping attire

Maesyn's cute boots

this one was named Elizabeth

pretty little things

Jake loved this silly looking caterpillar!

These blue beetles are so pretty!