Friday, September 12, 2008

sneaky sneaky

Tuesday was my birthday. Benson decided on Monday night that he should
throw me a surprise party.
So, while he sat in the Library waiting for me to get out of class he called everyone we know and threw it all together.
My mom, friend Ashley and her mom took me to dinner that night {Oregano's - YUM!} then we headed back to my house so they could see all the new things I put up.
I am carrying 4 boxes of left over food and a gift bag, so I ring the doorbell.....and almost dropped everything - the house was pitch black and all I heard was million people {okay, maybe 30} all screaming "Surprise!!"

Benson was successful in throwing me a surprise party that was actually a surprise.

All of our friends and family were there and we had a ton of fun.
We just moved into our first house and are still decorating so everyone got me Halloween Decorations and it turned into a Halloween theme party
{I don't care that it's a month early - I love Halloween and so does Benson's mom- see cake below}

The Garner Birthday tradition: German chocolate cake

Benson's mom made me 2 {two!!} cakes

I was still surprised 15 minutes later

They even got matching candles

P.S. If anyone has a craving for chocolate cake - COME OVER... we have 2.

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Kate Lines said...

happy late birthday sarah!