Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the great outdoors

Camping this weekend was great. It was my first camping trip in probably over 10 years {and by camping I mean real camping - not girls camp or cabin camping}
The weather was beautiful - even when it rained all Saturday night.
We went with Benson's brother Nate and his family - watching their kids find all sorts of frogs and bugs was half the fun.
If you have never been to Mt. Lemmon in Tucson - you should go.
We will be again soon!
Benson & Nate chopped this firewood for us...shirtless.
They are so manly.

yes, green things can grow in arizona!

this little guy hung out on our tent while it was raining

Benson's camping attire

Maesyn's cute boots

this one was named Elizabeth

pretty little things

Jake loved this silly looking caterpillar!

These blue beetles are so pretty!

2 witty remarks:

Heidi said...

Sarah....i'm super jealous...the colors are so rich and then your camera will focus on just the right stuff. I have one "sarah" type picture on my blog-I'll try harder to be just like you. Maybe i'll read my cameras manual so that I know how to use it better- because I can't get a new camera for a few years. btw- i have a g-mail account now. heidileagarner@gmail.com of course. now i don't have to use nates.

Heidi said...

oh, and I also put some text on some images- i just did it with the editing software that came with my camera.