Thursday, September 4, 2008

California Sun

So, here's the story... growing up I went to Disneyland a lot. Yes, I was spoiled in that respect.{we had a family friend who conducted computer seminars there and would so graciously let us crash in his Disneyland Hotel suite along with 4 other families}
So needless to say, Disneyland has a special little place in my heart - yes, I know I am like a little kid, I love the place okay?!
Benson, does not exactly feel the same way about Disneyland. While I have been at least 8 times{yes eight times} in my life, Benson has been 3 - once when he was young with his grandparents and twice with choir in high school.
Ever since I found this out I have been determined to change his mind - at least from hatred to tolerance.
Well we were lucky enough to get Disneyland tickets and some gas gift cards as a gift from my "boss" at work, so we decided we would plan a trip. I continued to save money I earned from different contests at work and soon enough we had enough to pay for the trip.
{yes, we are that awesome}
The trip was great and Benson actually enjoyed it.
I showed him the way cool people do Disneyland and he treated me to a lunch at the Blue Bayou Cafe {the one inside Pirate's and probably the only thing I have never done at Disneyland}

California Adventures

Seriously, the least blurry picture I have with us in it {inside the Tower of Terror}

Our favorite ride - we went on it 7 times in 2 days

Mater was the best part we saw of the parade

Maybe now it will be a little easier to convince him to go next time :)

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Team Komenda said...

Sarah I love the pictures! I cannot wait until we can all go to Disneyland together. Hopefully that will be SOON! I need a Disneyland fix real bad!

James and Tiffany Hatch said...

I love disneyland/ disney world too! I cant get enough of it. James is just like benson. He only likes to go every few years. Icould go every other month. If Benson does not want to go next time, looks like a girls trip!

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

wow! i've only been once. and i was babysitting the whole time so i don't even know whats at disneyland. weird.