Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy {Pumpkin-less} Halloween!

I can't believe it's already here, honestly.
We haven't even carved pumpkins yet
{or even bought any for that matter}
While it seemed to creep up on me it is sure hard to miss now...
Wednesday we went to our ward Halloween party.
I knew there was a reason we moved into this ward...they know how to do parties right!
At least half the ward dressed up
{even the adults}
It was in an amazing backyard and included TWO haunted houses, a graveyard...
and a dance to
Today at work a lot of people are dressed up.
One man is walking around
dressed as a viking.
And of course Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin and the secret service are present as well.
Tonight is our party.
A murder mystery party.
Western style.
But the best part of today?
I get my camera!
{does anyone want to sit at my house and wait for it?}

Monday, October 20, 2008


Just because it's October doesn't mean that the weather will cooperate.
{Although nights and mornings have been lovely}
But despite the weather, I can't get over the fall feeling. I have been baking a lot and am loving it. {Seriously - I have made 5 pies this month alone...}
This apple pie was SO GOOD
I need to make another

These apple peelers make pie amazingly easy


Next up on the baking menu:
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
{My personal favorite!}

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dollar Days

Thank you DI for my new clothes...
$25 Urban Outfitters shirt - DI price : $1
$191 Citizen Jeans - DI price: $7.99
yes that's right - $200 worth of clothes for less than $10
{I'm in love.}

I love to see the Temple

Benson and I were excited to get a call from the Temple President's secretary asking us to come in for an interview with the Temple President. As of next Saturday we will be working in the Temple every Saturday morning. We are really happy to have this opportunity and were told by the Temple President that this will no doubt be one of the most spiritual experiences of our lives. We can't wait. Come see us sometime :)
Also, conference this weekend will be great!

So sick of being tired...

or just tired of being sick? Maybe a bit of both, whichever it happens to be it has kept me from work for the last two days {which I am not exactly upset about}. Yesterday I didn't get much done {other than sleep of course} but today - whew! I started feeling a little better around noon time and decided that I was going to polish the new wood night stand my brother and sister-in-law gave Benson and I for our birthdays. Well, it just looked so nice after it was done I decided to do the other night stand, and the dresser, and the kitchen table, then the coffee table, and the two end tables and then I couldn't leave out the buffet either.
But then once the wood was polished I didn't want to stop - 5 hours later we have 4 clean loads of laundry, most of our dishes put in cabinets {yes, we're still un-packing}, an organized closet, two incredibly clean bathrooms, empty trash cans, a shiny clean kitchen floor and a bag of clothes for DI. There is now a pumpkin pie in the oven.
{yes, I went a bit overboard}
When Benson left this morning he said "Promise me you will sleep today and do nothing else so you get better."
Personally, I think I need to take more sick days.

Dear Fall,

Please come soon. It's been so long, and you didn't stay very last year since you decided to show up late {like after thanksgiving late - talk about lame}. I want Halloween, sweater weather and Thanksgiving. I would also like some colored leaves but yeah, I know you are too lazy to do much of that here in the valley, but I am willing to drive up north just to see them. Also, if you could stay a little longer this year I would be oh so happy.
{Your #1 fan}