Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh Mexico...

All I know is that 1 week is not enough!
We took a ride to the market in Hermosillo one day
it was HOT!

Getting a pinata for our 4th of July celebration!

I could definitely get used to this every night!
One of the best parts - Hanging out in the condo at night playing scum, signs, apples to apples and the new favorite
{if only I got pictures of that!}

The trip was amazing and so much fun!

We couldn't get enough of the beach, snorkeling or tortillas!

We took underwater cameras this year so I'll have to post some of those pictures once we develop them!

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Heidi said...

I might have more Mexico pictures up than you. Only one of them is sort of arts...and it is a blurry on that Nate took. None of mine are as fancy as yours. Will you post more on your photo blog? I wish we would have taken pictures of the crabs. I'm bad at taking picts.