Friday, June 20, 2008

Making a House a Home

So finally here they are - pictures of our (well... almost our) house!!

It may not be the prettiest house in the neighborhood but it's be ours soon. Seriously, we're this close to having the keys and finally closing escrow. I have heard many nightmarish stories about getting loans approved and closing on houses, and our situation could be so much worse... but I am so over it and ready for the house to just be ours.

I mean really, we have carpet, paint, blinds and furniture picked out. We have all sorts of plans to fix the outside too. Take away all the ugly desert landscape, palm trees and peach paint and add grass, a huge willow tree, white picket fence and light yellow paint on the house - oh and a porch swing. I have been to Home Depot 10 times in the past month - each visit for no less than an hour and a half wandering and planning.

(We're a little excited if you couldn't tell)

p.s. wish us luck!

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Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

ah i love it! you'll love owning. i can't wait til we get a real house...owning a condo just isn't as cool. have fun fixing up. thats exactly what i want to do when we get one. oh and good luck!