Monday, July 28, 2008

We're Baaack!

I can't say that I was ready for it - but here we are... back from the honeymoon.
Seriously - I could have handled another week on the cruise.
The wedding and honeymoon were both awesome and I will post pictures of both as soon as I get some time to upload them.
If you have never been to Alaska - GO! Seriously, it's incredible.
As you all know we bought a house and we closed escrow less than a week before our wedding. We were pretty bummed since it needed a lot of work done and so we thought we would end up living in a house with popcorn ceiling and gross carpet, walls, and well everything else for a little while till we could get it all fixed up - that was until we mentioned this to our family.
The next day there was a cleaning crew at our house (at least 20 of our family members)
We got everything cleaned, the popcorn ceilings removed, new toilet seats, walls washed, fans down, bathrooms cleaned... in less than half a day. It was awesome of them to all come out and help. Then while we were gone on our honeymoon, the drywall men came and repaired the walls and ceilings, the new carpet was installed and our parents went in and cleaned everything (again) and painted the WHOLE HOUSE!
They also cleaned the new bedding we got and set up our bed so we would have something to sleep on when we got back. She also got a few decorations to put around the room to make it a little less bare.
Totally unexpected and totally amazing of them. It felt great to come home to a house that was clean and actually felt like a home!
I love my house more and more and can't wait to get everything moved in!!

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Erich and Katie said...

That is so nice of your family!! I want to see pictures of the wedding soon! Yeah I might need her contact information because I am having a hard time coming up with something cute to go with the name. Where is your house?

Josie said...

Wow that is awesome!! I'm not one bit surprised, I hear wonderful things about your family and then the family you married words can come close other than perfect!! They are truly the salt of the earth!! Love those Garners!!

katelines photography. said...

your back! wow that is so awesome of your family- family is the best. we are almost done with your pictures, i loved them, you guys look so happy. can't wait for you to see them.

p.s. my new blog is

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

yeah!!! how exciting for you.. married, house....CLEAN house! i wish we would have asked them to get new carpet. its the worst to move into a new house (for you) and have yucky carpet.

kate lines; said...

hey, i just took the pictures over to celeste last night- so you should be getting them in the next few days!