Thursday, August 21, 2008

WA to AK

For our honeymoon we went to Seattle and on a cruise to Alaska.
it was AMAZING
We had a busy day in Seattle
Gorged ourselves on the cruise ship
and were in awe over Alaska.

Seattle was the largest city I have ever been to (yes I am that sheltered) and I fell in love with it.
Our hotel was outside of the city and the first night we got there one of Benson's missionary companions and his wife picked us up and took us into Seattle for dinner.
The whole drive into the city I was just staring up at all the buildings and I couldn't wait till the next day so we could go exploring.
The next day we walked all over Seattle. We went to Pike's Market, the Aquarium, the Science Center, rode the monorail and took a ferry to Bainbridge Island.
When we got to the Space Needle, we decided to save three hours (the line was that long!) and $30 and just look up at it. It was my first time riding the city bus (like I said, I am sheltered) so that was another adventure for me!

Seattle Aquarium

Pike's Market

Butterfly house at the Science Center

Lunch at Ivar's

Seriously, I love food. I mean LOVE food... and honestly I could go for three four course meals a day any day. We found out that some older people live on cruise ships instead of retirement homes when they get to the point where they can't live on their own - sign me up for that!
Being pampered on the cruise was great, as was having all of our meals taken care of.
The staff on the cruise ship were so much fun. Our dinner servers were our favorite (you get the same ones every night) they were from the Phillippines and some of the nicest people we have met.

I don't even know how to begin to describe Alaska. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Growing up in Arizona I am so used to desert all the time - so seeing so much green and vegetation was soo cool. There were huge flowers and trees everywhere we went and we saw a ton of wildlife. Dolphins, a Killer Whale, Seals, Bald Eagles, Salmon (they would jump out of the water) and ginormous Slugs!

One petal was bigger than his hand!

Mendenhal Glacier
The last place we stopped was Victoria, BC. Another beautiful place. By the last day we were exhausted and so we didn't do much exploring in Victoria, we mostly just hung around the area where they dropped us off, but we sure had fun!
If you would like to see more pictures from our trip you can take a look at our online album!
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