Saturday, November 1, 2008

The new meaning of Saturday

Until about a month ago Saturday meant sleeping in, finishing homework, and running errands.
That was until Benson and I started working in the Temple.
At first when we committed to getting up so early I was worried that I would regret my decision , not to work in the Temple, but to choose the early shift and lose the one day I had to sleep in...
I am not a morning person by any means, and when the alarm rings at 4:30 I am not the happiest person alive...but as soon as I begin my shift at the Temple, I immediately remember why Benson drags me I drag myself out of bed so early. I have learned so much, met amazing people and had unforgettable experiences.
{and it's only been 3 weeks}
Now Saturday means getting up at 4:30 am to work our 6 hour shift.
Saturday means afternoon naps, having lunch together and catching up on The Office.
Now, our Saturday's are truly relaxing and more productive than ever before.
It's not any easier to wake up that early than I thought it would be - but it's so much more worth it.

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Spring said...

Sarah, you guys are so awesome! What a wonderful thing to do and what a good example you both are of letting your precious Saturday mornings go to do Temple service. I'm sure that being Temple workers is just wonderful but it's not something that a lot of people would be willing to do. It's fun reading your blog and getting to know you better through it. Benson is lucky to have found such a good girl!