Monday, September 14, 2009


Benson and I decided that 18 credit hours, a CNA class, a growing photography business, work and church callings just weren't keeping us busy enough so we decided to find something to take up all of the spare time we have*

So what did we choose?

A kitchen re-model.

Let me tell you, it needs it. Bad.

Just look... {and don't judge}

Here are th official "before" shots.

Pretty huh?**


Let me tell you... white tile floors are like the prettiest.things.ever.

Really! Want your kitchen to ALWAYS look immaculate? Get white tile floors.
{sadly those aren't going anywhere yet, and no we didn't choose them}


One of the first things that had to go when we moved in were the terrible knobs that used to be on the cabinets. I wont miss the holes they left behind anymore than I miss the twisted rope knobs.


See that wall space between the cabinets and the ceiling? I hate it. So does Benson. He came up with, what we think is, a genius plan to cover that area. Hopefully it turns out like we want it to.

ahhh... our countertops.

The guy who came to measure for the replacements said he has NEVER seen these. He's been doing countertops for something like 15 years. They are that old! The stains are probably that old too. Dealing with something messy you know is yours is one thing... dealing with the mess of people who lived there before you? A whole different ball game. I'll be very glad to see these go.

I didn't realize until too late how blurry this picture was but I had to show you that they are, quite literally, falling apart.


All white walls don't float your boat? Me neiter. That will be changing soon.


This is one small area where the kick board (the little wood trim at the bottom) is still attached.


here is another area where we just peeled off... see all that grossness behind it? yuck. good thing we didn't know that was there all along. The sides of the cabinets aren't even real wood - they're just laminate pieces.

The sink is another item marked for replacement. I forgot to get pictures of it before we tore it out. I don't have the heart to post a picture of it anyway. Just thinking of it makes me squeamish.

So what all are we doing? Well...

The cabinets are getting a GOOD clean and a coat of paint (lacquer to be exact).

They will be green. (Yes as in the color of grass, avacados and kermit). We're also replacing the trim, putting in real wood sides (it's currently laminate) and adding a moulding shelf above the cabinets.

The walls will get a fresh coat of paint - mustard yellow paint.

After that we'll slap on a new sink and some countertops and call it a day (or week, or maybe even month)

We've gotten a little further along than this so I'll post updated pictures shortly and hopefully "after" pictures soon thereafter.

Having a handy husband comes in, well... handy.



4 witty remarks:

The Lanier Family said...

I like the idea of green cabibets! Cute!!!

Heidi said...

when we bought our condo we pulled out the stove and there was grime all down both sides of it... dripped pancake batter and grease? Years of it? And then under the fridge was all that dust, does not take long to build up and lots of alphabet magnets. I have a sister in law that cleans here entire fridge weekly, i just do random wipe downs..but I think we pull out the stove and fridge at least 2x a year and do a wipe down... I don't know if the previous owners ever did it!

Stu and Angie Milne said...

i'm excited to see how it turns out!

Bev said...

Aren't you guys ambitious! Can't wait to see the after pictures....and yes, you are lucky to have a handy husband...we had to pay to have all of our work done.