Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tips for Baking Cake

I like to bake.
A lot.
I wish I had time to do it more often.
What I like more than baking - is making what I bake look pretty - but that's another story.

This post is about the greatest tip I have learned when baking a cake - seriously, if you follow this one tip - you will be taking a HUGE step in the right direction toward making flawless, delicious, mouthwatering cake every time.

You ready for this? Grab your pencil and a paper......

Here it is.

Sarah's super secret cake baking tip:

Don't use salt instead of sugar.

Especially when someone is paying you to bake it for their loved one's birthday party.
I hope you took notes.

1 witty remarks:

Heidi said...

you have bad luck with the salt instead of sugar thing.

On cjanerun, or one of her other sites there was something about additions to a basic cake mix. in the comments people put all of their ideas. It makes me want to have cake mixes go on sale so I can buy a bunch and try some of the ideas.
We will be down valentines day weekend...then REI garage sale is the 27th so we might come down again. I cannot decide if it is worth the stress or not.