Friday, July 22, 2011

I love being pregnant.

Nope, that's not sarcasm. I truly love it. Sure I have crazy symptoms (big feet, cankles, crazy heartburn, side aches) but over all I am happy, excited, content and loving every minute (okay minus the first two months) of it.

I love feeling her kick - the days when she is most active are my favorite

I love my ever growing belly

I love being able to eat a lot (I know it's weird, but I impress myself)

My cankles make me laugh histerically

and I love the excitement I feel each day at that fact that I am a Mom

24 Weeks!

4 witty remarks:

Bev said...

........and you're adorable at it!!
Lucky you, not everyone looks so cute being preggo as you do!!

Natalie said...

Awesome post! My mom remembers feeling the same way when she was pregnant. Baby coming!

Rani said...

so happy for you! you will be such an amazing momma!

Sharon Broecker said...

Love it! You are adorable!!