Thursday, April 5, 2012

Small and Simple

I went back to work in February full time. Leaving Abby home is easily one of the hardest things I have to do (it isn't any easier 2 moths in), but it's what we do right now and I know she is happy and well taken care of (spoiled) by her grandmas and grandpas and dad while I am gone.

The hardest part of the day is leaving in the morning, especially since she is always extra happy and playful when she first wakes up. Instead of being sad about leaving, I try to focus on little things that will brighten my day - sometimes it's the weather, or seeing the colorful love birds that are sometimes near our house... one morning in particular it was the amazing pattern the ice made on the roof of my car... I know what you're thinking - ice?! But really, it was pretty enough that I had to take a picture to show you all so you didn't think I was crazy:



It just goes to show that if you look for it - even small and simple things can brighten your day.

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Bev said...

Your blog always brightens my day....seeing pictures of that sweet babe of yours!!