Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Abby's Friends

The best part of the entire trip to San Francisco was watching Abby make friends with everybody. I got a glimpse into her older years and can already see that she is going to want to befriend every single person she comes across and will break the ice into their friendship by making them laugh. As soon as we'd sit down on a bus or train she'd stand on my lap and call out until she caught someone's eye. Then, she would proceed to wave, fake laugh, make silly faces, babble and play peek-a-boo with them, and anyone else whose attention she could get, for the entire trip.

She did not discriminate and made friends with everyone she could. When someone wouldn't respond to her antics you could tell she was confused and thinking "how can you not think I am the cutest thing you have ever seen?!" and she'd try again and again until they gave her some sort of response.

Several times whole sections of the bus or train would be focused on just watching Abby performing her silliness for them. I know this sounds like a braggy mom, but it was the most hilarious thing to watch. I told Benson about it for two days and he thought I was exaggerating until he saw it first hand. One very fashion conscious man invited her to come back when she was 16 so he could take her shopping (she loved his watch and he was impressed with her taste) and another gave her a good life lesson about not wearing hooker boots.

 I love that she is so friendly and full of life and sass and smiles...it doesn't hurt that she's pretty cute too.


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