Monday, May 12, 2008

Us + 7

Benson and I went to the Zoo this weekend with, that's right, 7 kids. Some of his cousins go to church and school with my niece and nephews, so when Insight announced their spring picnic would be at the Phoenix Zoo we decided we would take them all with us. It was HOT but we all had a great time!
Face painting clowns, bbq, crafts, music, animals and lots of snow cones - I think they each had 3 because as Libey said "They're free!!"

Thanks Henkles and Gregorys for letting us borrow your kids :)

Kallin, Kazlan, Libey, Wyatt, Kyler, Kaden & Rhett

They wanted to be twin clowns

a real eagles nest

Benson carried the girls, they were "bored of walking"

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Brick and Sara Randall said...

Hey!!! Love your pictures. Hope you had fun at the zoo. I work there part time. How is married life? Or are you just engaged. I am such a loser..sorry..but I never got an announcement so I figured... Jk. Love ya!