Friday, October 9, 2009

Remodel part 2

You may think that I am just behind in posting pictures and that we are currently enjoying our new beautiful kitchen. If so, you are wrong.
As with any project it has ended up taking far more time than we had planned.
Currently, our house looks like this:

yes those are dishes being stored on a bed

and our Kitchenaid in the livingroom

and a saw in the kitchen. You can see the cabinet doors are off and we've started taping them off for the paint

Benson also used all this patch the holes in the cabinet doors from the old knobs
Things are a little further along than this, but it's been slow moving since Benson has had at least one (if not two or three) exams every week since we started the project. That kinda puts a damper on things...

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Bev said...

Keep at will be sooo worth it! When it's all done you need to have a party and show it off.