Monday, January 18, 2010

The story of the cleaning elf

There has been a cleaning elf around my house lately. It's pretty amazing. Thanks to this elf I have:

- A clean front yard (no more ghetto rock/dirt pile!! woo hoo)
- A clean back porch
- A finished kitchen
- An organized office (seriously first time since we've owned this house)
- ALL of my laundry clean
- Bills paid
- My Christmas tree put away
- New flowers planted
- A re-organized bedroom including a new vanity for me to get ready in the morning (since I am blind and have to be THIS CLOSE to the mirror to get ready without my glasses on)
- A clean back yard (bye bye 4 foot weeds!)
- Some new decorations hung
- and The bedskirt I got a year ago put on my bed for the first time

Thanks little elf - I don't know how I'd even start to re-pay you for this!


(Dear ASU: Please don't start classes tomorrow. I like having Benson home all day to take care of our house. kthnxbye)

2 witty remarks:

Heidi said...

isn't funny how it can take a whole year to put abed skirt on? is it that white one I found on sale at target ages ago?

Bev said...

He's a keeper......send him to my house, would ya? I need an elf, too!