Wednesday, October 12, 2011

36 Weeks!!

Yes people that is right. I am 36 weeks along (almost 37) meaning this little girly could be here - which is just completely beyond insane to me.

Was it not just a short month ago I was staring at *ahem* three positive pregnancy tests in shock and awe as reality set in that I was carrying a small peanut sized human in my uterus? Yikes.


Other than feeling like a whale every time I try to roll over in bed, stretch marks setting in and some unmentionable pain.... things are still going pretty awesome. Don't get me wrong, the 9th month does have its drawbacks* but I am excited just to see and hold this little girl more than I am feeling like I just want it to be over.

*What drawbacks you ask? Well... let me tell you.

We are all familiar with the layout of the average public bathroom stall

(See Diagram 1 - Bathroom Stall)


Door, toilet, toilet paper container, sometimes a little trash can.

Simple and harmless... unless you are 9 months pregnant in which case such a generic simple place becomes a DEATH TRAP.

(See Diagram 2 - Pregnant lady STUCK IN THE STALL)


I know you are lauging but no joke this has happened to me (more than once!) in the past month. Between my belly, the toilet, and the ill placed toilet paper dispenser, I cannot open the stall door enough to get out.

This is a problem. Hopefully one that will be resolved soon.

2 witty remarks:

Heidi said...

in two years draw that diagram again, but add a toddler to the mix. fun times

Natalie said...

Why is the lady stuck in the stall black? haha jk.