Thursday, October 13, 2011

Conversations with a Pregnant Girl

I think 90% of my most recent conversations could be eliminated if I had a T-shirt made that said the following:

I'm due November 5

No, I am not having twins

It's a girl

Her name is Abigail

Yes, we will call her Abby

No, we haven't decided on a middle name

Yes, I am sure it's not twins

Don't get me wrong, I like talking about my pregnancy and I like that people are curious, but it does get a little repetative.

It also makes me laugh at the things people are willing to say to pregnant ladies that they would never dare say to a non-pregnant lady*


"You were carrying all in your belly before, but now I can totally tell in your face that you are pregnant"

(oh well thank you - I was waiting for someone to compliment me on my fat face!)

"Wow - look at your ankles!! You are SO swolen!!"

(yes, yes I am)

"Is there really a baby in there or did you just eat too much food?"

(haha, okay this was said by a 5 year old - but still funny!)

"You look so uncomfortable!"

(awww - thanks for noticing!)

"I bet you are headed to the bathroom aren't you!"

(yes, anytime you see me walking, I am going to the bathroom)

*I haven't been offended by any of these comments, I just find it humourous people are willing to say these things just because I am pregnant.

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Season Barnett said...

This is hilarious, I can totally relate! I would always say that my pregnancy brought out the tackiness of others. I totally got the "twins" comment and then asking if I was sure it wasn't twins. Really who would question that a second time? Of course I am sure it is not twins. :) I think the worst was someone said, "Are you even married?" I was a little offended by that comment. They could've just looked for my wedding ring. Hang in there, Abby will be here before you know it!