Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Missy


This sassy little lady is quite the independent girl. She won't let me feed her - she insists on doing it herself (really... she grabs the spoon out of my hand and puts it in her own mouth and holds her own bottle most of the time). She's also decided that she doesn't like that mushy baby food garbage. She'd rather eat carrot-apple juice pops, baby crackers, and frozen bananas.

She has recently decided that she MUST sleep on her tummy, with a pillow. We put her to bed without one and when we check on her she's grabbed a stuffed animal, blanket, rattle, or any other object within her grasp to use instead.

When she is frustrated she likes to scrunch her nose and grunt and when she is happy she fills her cheeks up as big as they go with air and blow it out slowly through her puckered little lips (think of someone pretending to blow up a balloon).

I am convinced that no baby has ever been as wiggly as this one. She is the epitome of a busy body and rarely sits still. She's also a big talker (who knows where that comes from) and says mmma mmma and dddaa dddaa at such opportune times you'd think she knew exactly what she was saying.

Little girly LOVES playing with her dad. He just has to hint that he's going to come tickle her and she giggles and hides her face in playful anticipation of his attack. Come evening time though she is all mama's girl - reaching out for me anytime someone else tries to hold her for longer than a couple of minutes.

We've been taking her around Atticus (our 90lb. hound dog) more lately and you'd think that such a little person would be somewhat timid of an animal 3x her size - but not Abby...she just grabs his ears and tries to nuzzle his face - or pokes him in the eye if she gets irritated by him.

She already likes playing in my makeup when I get ready in the mornings and loves to sit up on her own. She gets the proudest look ever on her face when we let her "stand", is determined to learn to crawl (she has an impressive scoot) and has the gummiest smile I have ever seen.

She's totally gonna give me a run for my money and I love her for it.

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