Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Abby & the Giant Watermelon

We have some dear family friends who have an amazing garden. They always have an over abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables to share, which are always impressive in size. This past week, when us girls (my mom & her best friend Karen, and me and my best friend Ashley, Karen's daughter and of course Abby) got together for lunch and a shopping trip, Karen mentioned we had to come to our house to see their prize garden item of the summer - this giant watermelon. It weighs 35lbs!



We had to let Abby pose with it to document just how big it was and then we cut it up and ate it - and it was delicious as it was big. Karen sent us each home with a 1gallon bag of the leftovers (there was enough to fill  6!) and we're still eating it.

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