Monday, August 6, 2012



Oh this girl. She gets prettier and sillier and crazier by the day. She is such a curious little one and always into everything. She cannot be given a toy to play with, she has to discover it on her own (unless it's something you're using - then she wants it regardless of what it is). I have learned that if I want her to play with a certain toy I just place it somewhere near her with no outward indication I want her to have it and she is all over it - once she figures that trick out I'll be totally lost.

She is social as always and loves making new friends. She likes to grab noses (and hair) and pat cheeks to tell everyone hello - and she waves at anything and everything, people, animals, pictures, cars, books, walls... She finally has her first little snaggle tooth and likes to bite with it. She also babbles all.the.time. I know that as soon as she can speak she'll be talking non-stop so I definitely won't get lonely.

Her favorite games are either "wrestling" with her dad or peek-a-boo and she has learned how to get us to play both games. As soon as her dad comes home she'll follow him around yelling at him (and hitting him if she can reach him) until he tickles and wiggles and rolls all the energy out of her. Anytime a blanket is near she inevitably pulls it up over her head and waits patiently until someone asks "Where's Abby?".


She wants to walk SO badly - pulling herself up on anything sturdy enough and walking as far as she can around it, then getting frustrated when she reaches an end because she wants to go further. Most of the time she is standing she is on her tippy toes and we're sure she'll be a ballerina or a gymnast some day. She is completely fearless and loves being daring and adventurous. 

She has a new love and adoration for books and will sit in my lap and let me read her several at a time and she will even turn the pages when it is time. She especially loves books about animals and she will pat along the rhythm (or her version of it) to any books we sing along with. She also loves water. She is a little fish in the swimming pool and will sit on the side, and wait for me to give her the signal that she can get in, and then jump in on her own into my arms (it's more of a fall since she can't actually jump - but she does what she can). She can also hold her breath underwater and swim a few feet underwater to me. She also loves baths and any other water we come across including cups, sinks, water bottles  and, of course, drinking fountains. Also, if you have food or a drink with a straw - don't even THINK about not sharing it with her. She will insist.

We love our pretty, smart, loving, fearless, curious little girl. 


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