Thursday, August 7, 2008

oh mexico...

So since I haven't posted anything remotely interesting lately I decided to post some pictures of the pre-wedding summer :)
At the beginning of July Benson and I went to Mexico with his family for a long weekend.
It was the coolest place I have seen in Mexico. We had a lot of fun swimming in the warm ocean, finding shells, playing in the sand, snorkeling, and eating lots of food!

A starfish we found snorkeling

Sunset from our condo

Benson and I were laughing so hard at this truck we saw as we were crossing the border... no joke, there was even a kitchen sink

flowers and the canoe

Jakie on the beach

Maesyn playing hopscotch after telling jake "It's a girls game only girls can play!"

Reagan in the sand

The beach had a TON of shells!

Everything else that happened between then and the wedding was pretty much chaos. (So glad it's all over)

I will post pictures from the wedding/honeymoon as soon as we get my computer working.

2 witty remarks:

Nate said...

Sarah- you take such great pictures. Anytime you have us for Christmas I want pictures that you have taken!!! (Remember that!!!)... If you want to give us any other random gifts- like for groundhogs day or what not... make it pictures!... I cannot believe how great they are... you really have a good eye. (it is signed as nate- but it is heidi writing this)

kimri said...

i want to steal maesyn and make her my own. please?