Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm such a girl

My favorite things from christmas are all house things like...

This amazing shelf the Benson made... {seriously the coolest present I have ever gotten}
The coolest juice glasses

and the cutest green tea kettle ever.

2 witty remarks:

Jessica said...

oh, those are all fabulous things!!

ps. i saw your blog through tatums:)

The Lanier Family said...

Cute stuff! I love it! I use a vinyl cutting machine. I bought it off of ebay. The brand is Master. You can do any size of saying up to 36" x however long the roll is. I love it! U use it for everything! You can also use a cricut, but you are more limited as to what you can do. I've used my cricut a few times, but I prefer the vinyl machine.