Monday, January 12, 2009

A very merry un-birthday

My mom, dad and niece all have birthdays within the week after Christmas
{as well as Benson's dad and sister - 3 of those birthday's falling on the same day}
So this year to celebrate - per Libey's request - we went bowling.

Notice I got two strikes in a row...
Don't notice my total score....
{I bowled horrible the whole game - got three strikes in a row out of nowhere - then went right on back to being horrible the rest of the night.}

Libey and her Hello Kitty Cake
{also per her request}

Seriously guys, Benson made this cake.
Like, baked the cake, frosted it, decorated it - the whole bit.
I know.... he amazes me too.

Happy Birthday!!

*Melisa - the rest of the pictures from the night are online here :)

2 witty remarks:

Henkel Family said...

Thanks! I hope you don't mind if I put some of the pics on my blog. Thanks again for the bowling coupons and the cakes. You and Beson are amazing cake decorators!

Heidi said...

you and I (and Maesyn and I guess benis- because he likes to decorate) have a date to do cookies. I really want to get that cookie craft book that was on bakerella- or just copy the recipies for the icing- and make our naughty valentine cookies- but flood style- i like the sheen. maybe I could get nate and benis to take jake and go out and do something manly- like eat fried food, and us girls can cookie away.
Let me know whey you want to do it- also we need to get together so i can make your nativity.