Monday, January 19, 2009

Something in the water...

Is it me or is EVERYONE either
1. finding out they are pregnant
2. about to have a baby
3. just had a baby?
Really... what's going on here?
My lovely sister-in-law Shelly falls under the "about to have a baby" category
Her shower was last week - and she found out that people LOVE shopping for girls...
Her crib full of presents...
from Grandma Garner

and Aunt Linda
Then came the most popular and surprising* gift of the day
baby Monkeys...

Shelly and June will soon be the proud owners of the entire collection of these bad boys.

Apparently they are collectors items and quite costly.

*no, Shelly did not ask for these

**Note to anyone who may be attending any future baby shower I may have:
Please, no monkeys.

2 witty remarks:

James and Tiffany Hatch said...

Do you have news?

kelsey said...

Yikes! Those monkeys are terrifying.